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Karl Barth’s Best Ideas [video]

Karl Barth's Best Ideas:

  1. (King) Threefold Word of God: CD I/1, CD I/2 19-21. Scripture as the Witness to the Word of God
  2. (Queen) Karl Barth's Doctrine of Election: The Electing and Elected Jesus Christ: CD II/2, 33. Election is the gospel
  3. (Rook) Barth's No to Natural Revelation: Doctrine of God CD II/1, CD IV/3.1. Barmen Declaration
  4. (Bishop) Creation as exterior basis of the covenant and Covenant as interior basis of creation CD III/1. Creation as Saga. No to the invisible church
  5. (Knight) Karl Barth's Anthropology: Soul of my Body III/2. Christ and Adam
  6. (Pawn) Judge Judged in our Place: Doctrine of Reconciliation: CD IV/1. Covenant - Cocejjus

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