Who is this Jesus? Five Reasons Christianity is True

Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church has an excellent podcast called "Who is this Jesus?"; and I highly recommend you listen to it for its five reasons for god.

  • There was a man in Palestine, 2000 years ago who claimed to be God, who claimed to be bringing the Kingdom of God from Heaven to Earth
  • The people who heard Jesus speak saw him do apparent miracles, including the feeding of 5,000 people, walk on water, heal people and raise people from the dead. (Whether he actual did it, people believed that Jesus actually did miracles)
  • He claimed to be God and convinced those people closest to him that he was God. (The last people group to worship a man as God was first century Jews)
  • After he died, hundreds of people confessed that they saw Jesus risen from the dead, including over 500 people at once
  • The experience of the resurrection caused those people to go spread that news to the world and were martyred for it

The podcast ends There are many other free sermons in Redeemer's sermon store.

I listened to this sermon a long time ago, but revisited it after talking to some Jehovah's Witnesses this morning who discredit Jesus' claim to be God. Tim Keller makes an excellent point that the first and second commandments would make it impossible for a first century Jew to worship a man as god, yet several times people worship Jesus as God, and he lets them: Thomas "My Lord and My God" in John 20:28, Peter in John 16:16, Blind man in John 9:38, etc

Jehovah's Witness is another form of the Arian Heresy that produced the Nicene Creed in the 4th Century. I first read about Arianism in Eusebius' Church History. John Piper has a great discussion of Arianism in the first chapter of the Pleasures of God.

By: Wyatt Houtz

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  1. Hello, I’ve started working through your posts (starting with the oldest), and have enjoyed your open minded pointers to interesting topics. Thank you (I’m looking forward to listening to the podcast). Regards, Franz

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