Jonathn Edward’s Timeline for the Book of Revelation

Seven Periods of the Apocalypse, According to Moses Lowman
From Jonathan Edwards Works: Apocalyptic Writings (WJE Online Vol. 5), pg 55-59

Jonathan Edwards (October 5, 1703 – March 22, 1758) based his interpretation of Revelation on Moses Lowman's (1680–1752) timeline of Revelation. Below is a chart that I obtain from the Edwards Center at Yale, that outlines the events of Revelation, and then lists the corresponding epocs in history that Lowman believed the symbols foretold, as well as their beliefs based on what would happen after their time. Edward's interpretation was not the same as Lowman's, but you can read more about it in Edward's Apocalyptic Writings, pgs 55-59 at the Edwards Center. I believe Edwards agreed that he was living during the fifth vail/bowl.

I. Seals
II. Trumpets
III. Vials (Bowls)
IV. Millennium
V. Satan Loosed
VI. Judgment Day
VII. New Heavens and New Earth


I. Seals
1. 95–100 Christianity Prevails
2. 100–138 Destruction of Jews
3. 138–193 Famines
4. 193–270 Mortality and Pestilence
5. 270–304 Diocletian's Persecution
6. 304–323 Imperial Commotions

II. Trumpets
1. 337–379 Intra-imperial Wars
2. 379–412 Invasion of Italy
3. 412–493 End of Roman Empire
4. 493–568 East-West Wars
5. 568–675 Rise of Mohammedanism
6. 675–750 Threat of Saracen Power

III. Vials (Bowls)
1. 830–988 Commotion in Empire
2. 1040–1190 Crusades
3. 1200–1371 Guelph-Ghibelline Struggle
4. 1378–1530 Papal Schism
5. 1560–1650 Reformation, Turks, and Disease
6. 1670–1850 Invasion of Papal Dominions
7. 1850–2016 Utter Ruin of Roman Power

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