The Futility of Debating a Biblicist
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  1. I have conversations like this. I think the desire to be biblical in one’s beliefs and values, is laudable. I disagree that the Biblicist provides a means to get there. I think one can be biblical, for example, and support a notion of the partnership in marriage, support the right to re-marry after divorce, oppose slavery, and support women in ministry. On some of these topics, the biblical argument has been made since at least the 1800s, often by evangelicals rather than main-line churches. The way I have done this is to place the biblical tradition into conversation with each other. In any case, I think Barth and Moltmann both use some form of the argument. It is a way of taking the Bible seriously, but recognizing that it occurs over such a long period that one should expect some changes. In other words, I think the mistake the Biblicist makes is to take seriously the part of the Bible that supports their notions, and conveniently disregard what they do not like. By the way, nice graphic. I do not know it is your graphic or not, but a good one.

    • Thanks George! I’m glad you understand the comic and I appreciate your comments and analysis as always. You always have excellent insights. I created the comic, so I’m glad you liked it. -Wyatt

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