Retraction: The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God and President Donald Trump

To: The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God

From: The PostBarthian

I retract the statement I made on Twitter on September 27th, 2017. I wrote, "When you read hit pieces on #HughHefner by evangelicals like @TGC, @desiringGod etc. Remember they were fine with Trump being in @Playboy" and this is untrue.

The tweet was not made with any malicious intent to lie or defame the character of The Gospel Coalition or Desiring God. The error was the unfortunate result of our mutual disdain for the immoral character of our current president of the United States of America. I do not retract my criticism of evangelicals who defend Donald Trump's immoral character. I retract this tweet because it wrongly infers that Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition supported or defended President Trump's immoral character, which is untrue.

Additionally, I apologize for the delay in making this retraction. It was important for me to seek pastoral counsel, to ensure the appropriate response was made. And I thank the contributors to The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God who reminded me of their past publications criticizing President Trump's immoral character. I am remorseful that my tweet may have caused any damage to the credibility of The Gospel Coalition or Desiring God in this particular matter. 

If there is any doubt, I am grateful to those contributors to The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God who responded and reminded me of the following articles demonstrating their past opposition to the immorality of our current president.

Desiring God:

The Gospel Coalition:

Grace and peace.

The PostBarthian.



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