Top Ten PostBarthian Posts of 2016

2016 was an exciting year at the PostBarthian! We now have over 10,000 twitter followers at @PostBarthian and almost 200,000 readers in 2016! The PostBarthian facebook page has had a huge uptick in traffic too. In case you missed it, I've assembled a list of the top ten posts at the PostBarthian in 2016, and as an added bonus, I've listed two posts I published at BioLogos too. Thank you all for making it a great year! And, keep reading, because that motivates me to keep writing!

1. Karl Barth's Letter to Francis Schaeffer
Karl Barth's Flip-Flop on Homosexuality 2. Karl Barth's Flip-Flop on Homosexuality
3. Evangelicals and Evolution: Tearing Down the Walls
4. Karl Barth's Rejection of the Invisible-Visible Church
5. Believing In Demons Makes You A Little Demonic
6. Karl Barth was a Post-Calvinist, Not An Evangelical Calvinist
7. The Errors of Inerrancy: #1 The Church Has Never Possessed An Inerrant Bible
8. What May Karl Barth Make of Evangelicals?
9. Karl Barth's Rejection of Universalism
10. Karl Barth on the Achilles' Heel of the Bible: The Inner Testimony of the Spirit

*Biologos: Karl Barth says Yes to Creation and Evolution
**Biologos: Dietrich Bonhoeffer says Yes to Christianity and Modern Science

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