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2016 was an exciting year at the PostBarthian! We now have over 10,000 twitter followers at @PostBarthian and almost 200,000 readers in 2016! The PostBarthian facebook page has had a huge uptick in traffic too. In case you missed it, I've assembled a list of the top ten posts at […]
It's been a great year and there are more postbarthian than ever before! Here are the top ten posts from 2015 chosen from a sample of 100,000 postbarthian visitors. This years list is dominated by Karl Barth, unlike the eclectic list from 2014's top posts. The following list is ordered in […]
Karl Barth (Old Age), source: Karl Barth is notoriously difficult to quote. Is this bad? Nein! Karl Barth won the Sigmund Freud Price in 1968 for his literary style. Barth's literary genre may not easily lend to quotations, however the following ubiquitous quotes appear again and again and attributed to […]
(The top ten books that have influenced me the most by reading them in order of most influential to least influential.)1. "Institutes of the Christian Religion" by John Calvin.If you only read one book outside the bible in your entire life, this should...
Here is my "Top Ten List of Most Influential Theologians." I'll quickly stress that the following theologians have influenced me the most, and only contains books that I've read too. I've excluded authors, if I've only read one of their books too. Some...