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The doctrine of election is a controversial doctrine that is rooted in Pauline theology (and the Mark-Matthew tradition), initially developed by Augustine's doctrine of predestination and later developed by John Calvin's doctrine of double predestination. Traditionally, the doctrine of election begins with God's pre-temporal absolute decree (decretum absolutum) that sorts […]
In the second edition of Karl Barth and Radical Politics (2017), Dr. George Hunsinger provided a helpful summary of Barth's severe criticisms of capitalism, and in one quote, Barth calls capitalism "almost unequivocally demonic." In CD III/2, Karl Barth said true humanity is "Jesus, a man for other men" (CD III/2), and […]
In the spirit of the Protestant Reformation, I believe that salvation is by faith alone. So much is added to this simple creed! However, salvation is something we receive, and faith is the means by which we receive it. There's no pre-conditions that we must meet to receive salvation by […]
Karl Barth believed that the biblical canon is "very relatively closed", and yet it is still open to radical change in the future! Let me explain by analogy to a volcano that remains dormant for centuries, but then suddenly erupts, changing the landscape forever; likewise with the biblical canon, it […]
Bibliolatry is prevalent in America (and many other parts of the world), and bibliolatry happens when the bible is turned into an idol. The Heidelberg Catechism defines Idolatry as "having or inventing something in which to put our trust instead of, or in addition to, the only true God who […]