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Stephen D. Morrison is a friend of mine, and we've had correspondence for years, especially through the Karl Barth Discussion Group (KBDG). So I was encouraged to see KBDG mentioned in the acknowledgements of his new book, Karl Barth In Plain English.  Stephen is a lay theologian, like myself, and one of the few, […]
David Guretzki's An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth is a hitchhiker's guide to Karl Barth for the average joe. Karl Barth is notoriously difficult to epitomize and summarize, and other so-called "introductory" books on Karl Barth are very, very difficult to read. Guretzki's Karl Barth is a book that I feel comfortable giving to […]
Karl Barth's "Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century: It's background and history" is a history book about the liberal protestant theologians from 1700-1900 AD written by an expert of this era including the most influential liberal Protestant theologians of the Enlightenment: Rousseau, Lessing, Kant, Herder, Novalis, Hegel, Schleiermacher, Wegscheider, De […]
David Teems' book, "Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice" is a biography about William Tyndale who pioneered the translation of the Holy Bible into modern English. The first widely circulated English translation of the bible was written in Middle English by John Wycliffe in the 14th century. […]
Peter Brown's "Augustine of Hippo: A Biography" was recommended to me by my brilliant friend Josh. Josh also recommended to me the Penguin Classics translation of Augustine's "City of God" translated by Henry Bettenson that was an amazing five star rea...