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In Jürgen Moltmann's Introduction to Christian Theology, he expresses the necessity of the resurrection of Jesus as an event of history. Moltmann believes that the resurrection gave birth to the Church, the Gospels, and the entire Christian faith. Moltmann does not believe that the Christian faith began with the Easter […]
Time and Eternity Time and Eternity is a challenging theological puzzle to understand (and explain!) Biblical speaking, Eternity is not the same as endless-Time. Time is a one-way arrow of successive moments that started 'in the beginning' (Gen 1:1) that runs irreversibly forward until the 'last day' when 'time shall be no more' […]
David Guretzki's An Explorer's Guide to Karl Barth is a hitchhiker's guide to Karl Barth for the average joe. Karl Barth is notoriously difficult to epitomize and summarize, and other so-called "introductory" books on Karl Barth are very, very difficult to read. Guretzki's Karl Barth is a book that I feel comfortable giving to […]
The God Who Saves: A Dogmatic Sketch by David W. Congdon is a brilliant and well written theological book, and my favorite book published in 2016. In The God Who Saves, Congdon leverages his expertise in Bultmann's existential theology and acute knowledge of Karl Barth to produce this eye-popping dogmatic sketch of a universalist […]
Karl Barth vs Rudolf Bultmann: Civil War
Karl Barth vs Rudolf Bultmann: Civil War