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It is important to see the limits of the Reformation in the 16th century, in order to go beyond its limits. Jürgen Moltmann outlined four limits of the Protestant Reformation at the Unfinished Worlds conference in 2016. Even though the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is behind us now, it is […]
Jürgen Moltmann said that the logic of hell is inhumane and extremely atheistic and Pelagian in his essay "The Logic of Hell" included in God Will Be All In All: The Eschatology of Jurgen Moltmann (pp. 43-47). Proponents of hell (!) argue that God's love is extended to all people but anyone who […]
Jürgen Moltmann believed that Non-Christians should be invited to the Lord's Supper, and that there should be no restrictions to the eucharist (commonly referred to as "fencing the table"). Wolfhart Pannenberg disagreed with Moltmann, and in his Systematic Theology Vol. III, Pannenberg criticized Moltmann's "eucharist community" as too broad of […]
Jürgen Moltmann says that Jesus Christ's invitation to the Lord's Supper extends beyond the frontier of Christianity and includes the whole world, such that atheists and non-Christians are invited to partake the Eucharist. Moltmann argues that no restrictions to the Lord's Supper are justified, because Jesus invited the tax-collectors and […]
Is Karl Barth's No! to natural revelation the final word? Is God never revealed through nature? (i.e. natural revelation). May we learn nothing about God from studying nature? (i.e. natural theology). For a time, Karl Barth's Nein! had closed the door to natural theology, while the Nazis were in power, and […]