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In the United States, mass shootings are a common occurrence, and it is difficult to know how to respond to this pattern of violence. Jürgen Moltmann says that Christians have responded to violence in three ways. The first way is the traditional one, and is responding to violence with violence, […]
Jürgen Moltmann said that the Anabaptists "were the only Reformation movement by faith alone" because "the Anabaptists rejected the foundations of the Christian state religion." Moltmann argues that Constantine had united the Church with the Holy Roman Empire, and salvation was mediated through it. The Anabaptists were the only ones […]
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In Jürgen Moltmann's Introduction to Christian Theology, he expresses the necessity of the resurrection of Jesus as an event of history. Moltmann believes that the resurrection gave birth to the Church, the Gospels, and the entire Christian faith. Moltmann does not believe that the Christian faith began with the Easter […]
Jürgen Moltmann's definition of Original Sin Jürgen Moltmann defines Original sin as the hubris and presumption of humanity to be like God, but also humanity's resignation and laziness to not be like God's image on earth. Christian theology has traditionally defined Original Sin as the rebellion of man against God, but […]