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The Resurrection Appearances: A Seven Part Series Part 3. Faith in the Empty Tomb is an Empty Faith In part three of the Resurrection Appearances series, I've compiled three theologians who reject the historicity of the empty tomb stories in the New Testament: Wolfhart Pannenberg, Raymond E. Brown, and Karl Barth. All three […]
The Resurrection Appearances: A Seven Part Series Part 1. The Argument For Historical Facticity Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ a historical fact? In a fascinating and illuminating section of Wolfhart's Pannenberg's Systematic Theology, Vol. 2, he critically examines the New Testament witness regarding the resurrection appearances of Jesus and the reports of the […]
Jesus is Risen and the Tomb is Empty are often asserted together, but they are two distinct statements: Jesus is Risen is an article of faith but the Empty Tomb is a Passion narrative that may be demythologized. Barth explains the difference between these two statements when he says: "Christians do not believe in […]