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Karl Barth believed in the Virgin Birth, unlike many of his followers and opponents such as Emil Brunner who rejected the Virgin Birth, as well as Wolfhart Pannenberg, Jurgen Moltmann, Rudolf Bultmann and many other. Barth didn't believe in the Virgin Birth due to a pre-commitment to Biblical nativity stories […]
In the spirit of the Protestant Reformation, I believe that salvation is by faith alone. So much is added to this simple creed! However, salvation is something we receive, and faith is the means by which we receive it. There's no pre-conditions that we must meet to receive salvation by […]
Karl Barth believed that the biblical canon is "very relatively closed", and yet it is still open to radical change in the future! Let me explain by analogy to a volcano that remains dormant for centuries, but then suddenly erupts, changing the landscape forever; likewise with the biblical canon, it […]
Logos Bible Software is offering Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics for $75. It's a great deal on a complete digital copy of the Church Dogmatics. What I love about this digital edition, is that it is easy to read on your Apple or Android mobile device, and as well as your Mac and […]
In the Church Dogmatics III/4, §54.1 Man and Woman, Karl Barth provides an outline of "the concepts, ideas and realities" that "make up marriage." Barth begins by defining marriage as "something which fixes and makes concrete the encounter and interrelation of man and woman in the form of the unique, unrepeatable […]