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John Calvin’s Labyrinth (December 11, 2017)
John Calvin frequently refers to the labyrinth (or maze) throughout his writings and especially in his Institutes of the Christian Religion. John T. McNeill said "The pictorial figure of the labyrinth in Calvin's writings frequently employed as a symbol of human frustration and confusion." [Institutes I.v.12n36]. The labyrinth is an ancient […]
The doctrine of election is a controversial doctrine that is rooted in Pauline theology (and the Mark-Matthew tradition), initially developed by Augustine's doctrine of predestination and later developed by John Calvin's doctrine of double predestination. Traditionally, the doctrine of election begins with God's pre-temporal absolute decree (decretum absolutum) that sorts […]
What is a Calvinist? Most American Evangelicals will answer that it is anyone who affirms the T.U.L.I.P. The TULIP is an acrostic for Double Predestination that stands for Total Depravity, Irresistible Grace, Limited Atonement, Unconditional Election, and Perseverance of the Saints—and anyone who affirms all the petals of this TULIP is commonly […]
Karl Barth was fascinated with John Calvin, and he called Calvin a "demonic power" but also in the same breath, Barth said he could "spend all the rest of my life just with Calvin." Barth was fixated with John Calvin, so it is a perrennial desire of mine to reappropriate Calvin for good, and […]
[The Errors of Inerrancy: A ten-part series on why Biblical Inerrancy censors the Scriptures and divides Evangelicals.] The Errors of Inerrancy #9: Inerrancy turns the Bible into a Paper Pope. Biblical Inerrancy not only causes misunderstanding of the Bible, it also causes misuse of the Bible. When Biblical Inerrancy abolishes the distinction between […]