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[Brittany Maynard holding the prescription medicine she used to end her life peacefully and painlessly in 2014] Does assisted suicide violate Christian ethics? Swiss Catholic priest and renown theologian Hans Küng says no in his book Eternal Life?: Life After Death as a Medical, Philosophical, and Theological Problem. Küng argues that […]
Jurgen Moltmann's "Ethics of Hope" Jürgen Moltmann wrote his recent book, The Ethics of Hope, as a companion to his infamous, Theology of Hope. Karl Barth requested such a book as this in his review of the Theology of Hope in his personal letter reviewing it, where Barth wrote: "your book […]
Jean-Léon Gérôme - The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer In Karl Barth's criticism of Capital Punishment, he provides a very good summary of the three best arguments for Capital Punishment, because he continues on to criticize and deconstruct each of them.  1) According to the first theory, which is not only the oldest and […]
Dietrich Bonhoeffer At the end of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ethics, there is an analysis of the Lutheran symbolic literature (ie. the Book of Concord: the Augsburg Confession, Luther's Catechisms, etc.) Bonhoeffer, therein, discussed the Lutheran understand of the Law and asks whether there is one primary use of the Law (primus usus legis) or three? I'll summarize Bonhoeffer's three […]
It's almost impossible to engage in a conversation about culture without someone mentioning H. Richard Niehbur's Christ & Culture. I learned about Niehbur through D.A. Carson's magisterial Christ & Culture: Revisited, which I unfortunately read before ...