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[Brittany Maynard holding the prescription medicine she used to end her life peacefully and painlessly in 2014] Does assisted suicide violate Christian ethics? Swiss Catholic priest and renown theologian Hans Küng says no in his book Eternal Life?: Life After Death as a Medical, Philosophical, and Theological Problem. Küng argues that […]
Karl Barth appeared on a radio program called "What Do You Think, Professor?" near the end of his life (1960's), where he answered bible and theology questions similar to Hank Hanegraaff's old famous radio program "The Bible Answer Man". A caller asked Barth if in light of parapsychology, interaction with the dead […]
Controversy erupted in the blogosphere this week in reaction to Karl Barth's Argument Against Afterlife. The response to Barth's rejection of afterlife may be summed up in one word: outrage! There were some who doubted this was Barth's final position, and some who tried to understand Barth, and even a few shocking […]
Does Karl Barth believe in an afterlife? Barth answers Nein! Barth says that believing in an afterlife is "pursuing pagan dreams of good times after death" and that the New Testament teaches that time comes to an end on the last day at the "final trump", when "time shall be no more." Karl Barth's argument […]