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Introduction We are not guaranteed that we will die.  In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye (1 Cor 15:52), the life of every human being in the world will be supernaturally concluded by the final coming of Jesus Christ.  According to Karl Barth, this will be the final event in the […]
Sistine Chapel I've compile several quotations by Early Church Fathers showing their unified allegorical interpretation of the Genesis 1-2 narrative. Irenaeus, Barnabus, Augustine, Origen, and Basil the Great are available online here: There are other quotations by Early Church Fathers, but this displays how the allegorical method was used in the early […]
Grand Prism Spring, Yellowstone National Park The Grand Prism Spring and many more massive boiling sulfur springs at Yellowstone National Park have brilliant colored bacteria, and the hotter the spring, the more vibrant the color of the bacterias, yielding rainbow ponds. This is the imagery behind Augustine's description of the worms […]
Origen of Alexandria (185-232) was famous for his Neo-Platonic allegorical method often referred to as "Origenism". Often this involves extreme typology that the meaning derived from the text often appears absurd. This type of Typology is common throughout the Patristics, with the one anchor being in the person of Christ. All […]
In Augustine's Confessions, Book VII, Chapter IX, Section 13, he provides a very helpful summary of what he had learned from Greek Philosophy and how it is similar to Christianity, especially books by John the Evangelist (ie. Gospel of John). I was reminded of his passage by C.H. Dodd's book, Interpretation of […]