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Since the stone-ages of Cornelius Van Til until modern times, many have claimed that Karl Barth's theology necessarily concludes universalism or else it is incoherent, as recently exemplified by Oliver Crisp's cavalier statement in his Deviant Calvinism, "that the scope of human salvation envisioned in the theology of Karl Barth either is […]
Origen of Alexandria The Philocalia is a collection of quotation from Origen of Alexandria (184-253AD) that have been assembled by early church fathers. The Philocalia (or Philokalia) is an excellent introduction to Origen and it contains many excellent Origenisms such as the following explanation of how to interpret the scriptures by comparing it […]
Henry Denzinger's Sources of Catholic Dogma (Enchiridion symbolorum, definitionum et declarationum de rebus fidei et morum) (online text) is a compilation of quotations from Church Councils, Popes, Bishops and significant leaders that are foundational to the Roman Catholic Magisterium. The quotations are numbered, and often referenced by "Denzinger ###" by many […]
A papyrus fragment of Origen's commentary on Genesis Schøyen Collection MS 2634/2 Origen's The First Principles is a proto-Systematic Theology, and in Book III, Origen discusses Election with more scrutiny than in previous chapters. The Latin translation by Rufinus is a paraphrase and often softens the text to favor the later and more widely […]
Origen on Christology (June 6, 2012)
Origen of Alexandria (circa 184 – 254 A.D.) is an Ante-Nicene Church Father, and arguably the most scholarly man in the early Church between Paul and Augustine. However, Origen was on-and-off the Church's reading list for what became to be known as Origenisms or his allegorical methods that produced some possibly heterodox doctrines […]