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Karl Barth proposed that the Trinitarian formula of "one God in three persons" be updated to "one God in three modes of being" (or "... ways of being"). Is Barth teaching Sabellian modalism? No! The reason for the change, is that Barth believed that the word "person" has substantially changed in meaning to include an "attribute […]
Wolfhart Pannenberg speaking at a CDU conference in Bonn, 1983 In Wolfhart Pannenberg's famous Christology book, Jesus: God and Man, he provided¬†an impressive outline of how Christology as a dogma had developed historically. All Christian doctrines develop over time as the Church revises its talk about God, as Karl Barth would […]
Henry Chadwick (February 27, 2012)
I've been searching for excellent Church History books and a common denominator to most of the lists I've found had Henry Chadwick's "The Early Church: The story of emergent Christianity from the apostolic age to the dividing of the ways between the Greek East and the Latin West" on it. […]