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Karl Barth proposed that the Trinitarian formula of "one God in three persons" be updated to "one God in three modes of being" (or "... ways of being"). Is Barth teaching Sabellian modalism? No! The reason for the change, is that Barth believed that the word "person" has substantially changed in meaning to include an "attribute […]
Church in Excess and Defect St. Augustine said that the Church is a whore, but she is our mother. In time, we all experience the inadequacies of the Church, and this is especially true for Protestants, because few people remain members of the same church for the duration of their lives. […]
Hans Kung and Karl Barth(source: The Protestant Church is fractured like a smashed mirror into a myriad of jagged shards, and attempting to put them together results in blood on the hands.  Schism is the chronic sin of Evangelicals, resulting in a new schism every time the wind blows and the tragedy […]
I came across Jonathan Edwards interesting incite into how a people group may be consider God's elect or chosen people, but also be enemies and outside of the universal visible Church. A more concise summary is in this Edward's document:Misrepresentati...