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Time and Eternity Time and Eternity is a challenging theological puzzle to understand (and explain!) Biblical speaking, Eternity is not the same as endless-Time. Time is a one-way arrow of successive moments that started 'in the beginning' (Gen 1:1) that runs irreversibly forward until the 'last day' when 'time shall be no more' […]
Composite of Jesus portraits (source: wikipedia) The Quest for the Historical Jesus that has captivated the world for the past two centuries and, perhaps, was at its pinnacle after the publication in 1906 of Albert Schweitzer's Quest of the Historical Jesus and is still going strong as evidenced by famous publications such as N.T. Wright's Jesus and the […]
Albert Schweitzer [source: wikipedia]Albert Schweitzer loved David Friedrich Strauss, and that's no understatement! In Schweitzer's infamous book, The Quest of the Historical Jesus: A Critical Study of Its Progress from Reimarus to Wrede [online text], there are three whole chapters dedicated to introducting D.F. Strauss (Ch. 7), summarizing his Life of Jesus and […]
David Friedrich Strauss (1808 – 1874)[source: wikpedia]The post-Enlightenment period exhausted printing presses with volumes titled, "The Life of Jesus", which used the historical-critical method to uncover the historical Jesus from the exalted Jesus proclaimed by the Church. The landmark and most famous Life of Jesus was David Friedrich Strauss's Das Leben […]
Wolfhart Pannenberg speaking at a CDU conference in Bonn, 1983 In Wolfhart Pannenberg's famous Christology book, Jesus: God and Man, he provided an impressive outline of how Christology as a dogma had developed historically. All Christian doctrines develop over time as the Church revises its talk about God, as Karl Barth would […]