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Time and Eternity Time and Eternity is a challenging theological puzzle to understand (and explain!) Biblical speaking, Eternity is not the same as endless-Time. Time is a one-way arrow of successive moments that started 'in the beginning' (Gen 1:1) that runs irreversibly forward until the 'last day' when 'time shall be no more' […]
[The Errors of Inerrancy: A ten-part series on why Biblical Inerrancy censors the Scriptures and divides Evangelicals.] The Errors of Inerrancy: #5 Inerrancy reduced the Biblical Authors into Ventriloquist Dummies Inerrancy is a dictation theory of inspiration, commonly referred to as Plenary Verbal Inspiration, where each and every word of Scripture is precisely […]
In N.T. Wright's newly published book, Paul and His Recent Interpreters: Some Contemporary Debates, he provides a fascinating critique of Sachkritik (material criticism) and those scholars who use it. Sachkritik is the german word for material criticism (or subject criticism), which is the attempt by scholars to separate the subject (Sache) from the form […]
Michael Horton's The Christian Faith and C.H. Dodd's The Authority of the Bible The following is a debate been Michael Horton and C.H. Dodd on Plenary Verbal Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. In Michael Horton's The Christian Faith, he perceives B.B. Warfield's The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible as the undisputed champion of the […]
In Augustine's Confessions, Book VII, Chapter IX, Section 13, he provides a very helpful summary of what he had learned from Greek Philosophy and how it is similar to Christianity, especially books by John the Evangelist (ie. Gospel of John). I was reminded of his passage by C.H. Dodd's book, Interpretation of […]