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The Bible rarely addresses homosexuality, and all modern theological and ethical discussions of same-sex relationships are based roughly on six bible passages. In recent decades, theologians have recognized that these six verses are difficult to interpret, and many have questioned the traditional interpretations of them, and whether they apply to same-sex […]
John Calvin's Biblical Eyeglasses The Reformed theologian, John Calvin, said the Bible is like eyeglasses that allow us to see God and without the spectacles of Scripture, we are like an old person with blurry vision and unable to see God or or see God in Creation. In the event of reading the Scriptures […]
In this video, I discuss my recent article on Karl Barth and the Achilles' Heel of the Bible. (Subscribe to my youtube channel to see more videos and follow my periscope channel for upcoming live broad casts).
Michael Horton's The Christian Faith and C.H. Dodd's The Authority of the Bible The following is a debate been Michael Horton and C.H. Dodd on Plenary Verbal Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. In Michael Horton's The Christian Faith, he perceives B.B. Warfield's The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible as the undisputed champion of the […]
David Teems' book, "Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice" is a biography about William Tyndale who pioneered the translation of the Holy Bible into modern English. The first widely circulated English translation of the bible was written in Middle English by John Wycliffe in the 14th century. […]