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The Bible rarely addresses homosexuality, and all modern theological and ethical discussions of same-sex relationships are based roughly on six bible passages. In recent decades, theologians have recognized that these six verses are difficult to interpret, and many have questioned the traditional interpretations of them, and whether they apply to same-sex […]
Karl Barth's Flip-Flop on Homosexuality
(Updated on June 6th, 2016: Karl Barth's source letter has been translated and added as an appendix.) Karl Barth is infamous for his statements against homosexuality in his Church Dogmatics, Vol. III/4 (CD III/4) where he called it a "malady" and a "physical, psychological and social sickness" and a "phenomena of perversion, decadence and decay" and other […]
In the 2009 Emergent Village Theological Conversations conference, Jürgen Moltmann made several statements on Homosexuality: TONY JONES: There's a lot of strife in the American Church, and as I look at it, it almost all boils down to biblical hermeneutic. You may say its about gay marriage, you may say its about […]