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The young Friedrich Schleiermacher wrote a "distressing letter" to his father to confess that he no longer affirmed Christian doctrines that his father believed were necessary to obtain salvation: namely, vicarious atonement and the deity of Jesus Christ. The distressing letter, as Schleiermacher titled it, is an icon of de-conversion, especially […]
Karl Barth and Rudolf Bultmann were once friends, believe it or not, before theology tore their friendship apart. It is rumored that Karl Barth abandoned his Church Dogmatics due exasperation caused by rising interest in Rudolf Bultmann despite Barth triumphantly overcoming his 'friend-turned-enemy' in his magnum opus. Barth grew exasperated with Bultmann's […]
Andes near Alparmarca, Peru (source: wikipedia) What is Jürgen Moltmann's theological method? He says it is Curiosity! In the following quotation from the Jurgen Moltmann: Collected Reader, he explains that he is his own theological method, such that theology is a 'journey of exploration' and that curiosity is his theological virtue, allowing him to identify […]
Michael Horton's The Christian Faith and C.H. Dodd's The Authority of the Bible The following is a debate been Michael Horton and C.H. Dodd on Plenary Verbal Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. In Michael Horton's The Christian Faith, he perceives B.B. Warfield's The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible as the undisputed champion of the […]
Illustration of the Devil in the Codex Gigas, Early 13th CenturyJohn Calvin's proof for the existence of Satan in Institutes 1.14.17-18 continues to be useful, so I'm providing an extended quotation of the sections where his proof is easily summarized. Too often, people have a Manichaeistic or Dualistic view of […]