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Who is Hans Küng? Hans Küng is a famous Swiss Catholic priest who was peritus at Vatican II, and is professor emeritus at the University of Tübingen. He is a PostBarthian darling, because his doctoral thesis was Karl Barth's Doctrine of Justification that fostered ecumenism between Catholics and Protestants. He's also a darling, […]
Abraham Kuyper in his Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology considers the widely discussed question "Is theology a science?" and "In What sense is theology a science?" Kuyper emphasizes through this book the necessity of palingenesia (i.e. regeneration) to have a right understanding of Christianity. In the following long quotation, Kuyper explains that a general comparison […]
Book of Enoch (August 17, 2007)
I bought a book called the Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments Vol. 1 by James H. Charlesworth because it contained modern translations of Old Testament pseudepigrapha, particularly (click to read): 1 Enoch, 4 Ezra, and 2 Baruch based on the Dead Sea...