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Rudolf Bultmann: A Companion to His Theology (Series: Cascade Companions) by David W. Congdon is a concise introduction to the person and work of Rudolf Bultmann. It summarizes the loci of Bultmann's theological program in less than 2o0 pages, making it a valuable resource on Bultmann by a scholar who is […]
In N.T. Wright's newly published book, Paul and His Recent Interpreters: Some Contemporary Debates, he provides a fascinating critique of Sachkritik (material criticism) and those scholars who use it. Sachkritik is the german word for material criticism (or subject criticism), which is the attempt by scholars to separate the subject (Sache) from the form […]
I've read over 500 theology books in the last ten years. (Some people read these many books every year!) Of all these books, there are fifteen books that stand apart as guideposts in my journey of exploration in theology. I don't recommend all of these books today, but these books […]
Paul and the Faithfulness of God by N.T. Wright N.T. Wright's latest and longest installment in his Christian Origins and the Question of God series is Paul and the Faithfulness of God, and this book contains a fascinating backtracking on the New Perspective on Paul. In this following quotation, N.T. Wright admits that the Old Perspective […]
Composite of Jesus portraits (source: wikipedia) The Quest for the Historical Jesus that has captivated the world for the past two centuries and, perhaps, was at its pinnacle after the publication in 1906 of Albert Schweitzer's Quest of the Historical Jesus and is still going strong as evidenced by famous publications such as N.T. Wright's Jesus and the […]