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The Church Dogmatics (CD) is an unfinished theological summa. Karl Barth started the Church Dogmatics in 1932, and had planned five volumes of the Church Dogmatics, but abandoned it near the end of his life in 1967, before completing the fourth volume. We possess a fragment on baptism from the final part of volume […]
Karl Barth's Eschatology: An Introduction Karl Barth wrote about Eschatology throughout the 75 paragraphs (i.e. sections §'s) of the Church Dogmatics, but there are four paragraphs in particular that elucidates Barth's doctrine of last things.  In this post, I will provide a sketch of Barth's eschatology writings in the Church Dogmatics […]
Introduction We are not guaranteed that we will die.  In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye (1 Cor 15:52), the life of every human being in the world will be supernaturally concluded by the final coming of Jesus Christ.  According to Karl Barth, this will be the final event in the […]
Rudolf Bultmann: A Companion to His Theology (Series: Cascade Companions) by David W. Congdon is a concise introduction to the person and work of Rudolf Bultmann. It summarizes the loci of Bultmann's theological program in less than 2o0 pages, making it a valuable resource on Bultmann by a scholar who is […]
"The family in early 1930: Grete Karwehl, Peter Barth, Markus, Charlotte von Kirschbaum, Hans Jakob, Karl Barth, Franziska, Christoph, Matthias, Nelly Barth" (source: Matthias Barth died on Sunday, June 21st, 1941. He fell in a climbing accident at Fründenhorn mountain. Matthias was 20 years old and the fourth child of Karl Barth. Karl Barth preached […]