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The Resurrection Appearances: A Seven Part Series Part 4. The Third Day: A Theological Symbol or a Historical Date and Time? If the resurrection of Jesus Christ was a historical fact, as Wolfhart Pannenberg contends, then there was a specific date and time when the resurrection happened. The New Testament provides two potential […]
The Resurrection Appearances: A Seven Part Series Part 1. The Argument For Historical Facticity Is the resurrection of Jesus Christ a historical fact? In a fascinating and illuminating section of Wolfhart's Pannenberg's Systematic Theology, Vol. 2, he critically examines the New Testament witness regarding the resurrection appearances of Jesus and the reports of the […]
In Jürgen Moltmann's Introduction to Christian Theology, he expresses the necessity of the resurrection of Jesus as an event of history. Moltmann believes that the resurrection gave birth to the Church, the Gospels, and the entire Christian faith. Moltmann does not believe that the Christian faith began with the Easter […]
Introduction We are not guaranteed that we will die.  In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye (1 Cor 15:52), the life of every human being in the world will be supernaturally concluded by the final coming of Jesus Christ.  According to Karl Barth, this will be the final event in the […]
The Passion Narratives are notoriously difficult to harmonize, and despite ingenious solutions, there remains to be discovered a satisfactory harmonization of the events. A natural conclusion is that these conflicting narratives are not intended to be harmonized.  These conflicting narratives should not be smoothed out in the same way that […]