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I've been deathly ill and confined to my bed for the last week, so it's given me time to reflect upon sleep. Karl Barth described human sleeping as "little images of the great and only uprising of Christ in his resurrection." So, we may reflect upon the revelation of Jesus […]
The Apostles' Creed is among the oldest universally accepted symbols of the Christian faith. In Karl Barth's commentary on the Apsotles' Creed, he observes that there is no mention of Satan, Hell or Eternal Death in the Apostles' Creed, there is only mention of Eternal Life. And although this creed mentions […]
Karl Barth gave a series of lectures on the Apostles' Creed from 1940 to 1943 that were recorded with a stenographer and then published with Barth's permission in a book titled, The Faith of the Church: A Commentary on the Apostles' Creed according to Calvin's Catechism. As the title indicates, Barth's lectures were […]