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In Jürgen Moltmann's Introduction to Christian Theology, he expresses the necessity of the resurrection of Jesus as an event of history. Moltmann believes that the resurrection gave birth to the Church, the Gospels, and the entire Christian faith. Moltmann does not believe that the Christian faith began with the Easter […]
The Miracle of Jesus Calming the Storm is my favorite passage from the life of Jesus, so I was delighted to find Karl Barth's eye-popping exposition of it in a small print section at the end of the Church Dogmatics IV/3.2.  Barth believes this miracle is not isolated to novice Galilean […]
Karl Barth is difficult to explain, which explains why so many people dismiss Barth without reading what he wrote. Engaging With Barth requires reading his Church Dogmatics (CD), which I have been doing so at a good pace yet out of order. It's been difficult to procure an affordable copy […]
D.A. Carson is arguably the greatest N.T. Theologian alive today. Carson has published over 50 books and this week I read one of his latest books: Christ and Culture Revisited (April 2008) and I highly recommend this book! D.A. Carson revisits H. Richa...