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In 1922, Karl Barth loved John Calvin so much that he wrote a letter to his friend Eduard Thurneysen to confess that he could spent the rest of his life with Calvin alone! (♥) This short letter, which I've quoted below, has become so famous that anytime Calvin and […]
B. B. Warfield's famous "The Order of Decrees" chart from The Plan of Salvation is figured above. I've colorized the chart so that the darkest swim lanes are those most endorsed by B. B. Warfield (and most exemplifying Rationalistic Calvinism.) George Hunsinger referenced B. B. Warfield's famous "Orders of Decrees" chart (see […]
Orthodox and Modern: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth, by Bruce L. McCormack Friedrich Schleiermacher was a Calvinist, and although he is known as the father of Liberal Protestantism for his definition of god as "a feeling of absolute dependence", he was nevertheless a Calvinist and John Calvin was his […]
Moïse Amyraut (1596 – 1664) was a Huguenot, as my own ancestors were as well, and this name means French Calvinist. Moses Amyraut was of the school of Saumer, and this man is interesting because of his modified Calvinism, that allowed for Hypothetical Universalism and hence became the eponymous founder of Amyrauldism. A […]
Saint Caesarius of Arles presided overthe Second Council of Orange 529 A.D. The Second Council of Orange (529A.D.) is an anomaly in Denzinger's Sources of Catholic Dogma because it is a surprising twist and turn where not only the Pelagians are anathamized, but also the Semi-pelagians! The Second Council of Orange was […]