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Karl Barth's Letter to Francis Schaeffer (1950) Karl Barth wrote the following letter to Francis Schaeffer in 1950 that is similar to his response to Cornelius Van Til and assessment of Billy Graham. Bergli, Oberrieden, September 3, 1950 Rev. Francis A. Schaeffer Châlet des Frênes Champéry Dear Mr. Schaeffer! I acknowledge receipt of your letter from August 28[1], and […]
Eberhard Busch's Karl Barth: His Life from Letters and Autobiographical Texts is the autobiography that Karl Barth never wrote. Busch assembled quotations from Barth's letters, books and various autobiographical texts, and then redacted them with minimal commentary into a biography told in Barth's own words. I believe that this book is […]