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A middle-aged adult is anyone who is 40 to 65 years old [1], and it is a time in life with its own unique set of challenges; a middle-aged adult has their youth behind them, yet their future is still in front of them, but death is now on the […]
Karl Barth was in his early thirties and a country pastor in Safenwil, Switzerland when he wrote the first edition of his landmark commentary The Epistle to the Romans (Der Romerbrief, 1919). Barth did not have any advanced theological degrees when he wrote Romans, and he wrote it while ministering to blue collar […]
Eberhard Busch's Karl Barth: His Life from Letters and Autobiographical Texts is the autobiography that Karl Barth never wrote. Busch assembled quotations from Barth's letters, books and various autobiographical texts, and then redacted¬†them with minimal commentary into a biography told in Barth's own words. I believe that this book is […]