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Karl Barth's Letter to Francis Schaeffer (1950) Karl Barth wrote the following letter to Francis Schaeffer in 1950 that is similar to his response to Cornelius Van Til and assessment of Billy Graham. Bergli, Oberrieden, September 3, 1950 Rev. Francis A. Schaeffer Châlet des Frênes Champéry Dear Mr. Schaeffer! I acknowledge receipt of your letter from August 28[1], and […]
Cornelius Van Til attempted several times to meet Karl Barth during Barth's American tour to have similar questions to those in the Appendix 3 answered by Barth in person, but the two never directly conversed. In the following letter in the book Karl Barth: Letters 1961-1968, Karl Barth says that Cornelius Van Til considered […]
Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology: Convergences and Divergences, edited by Sung Wook Chung, arrived via Interlibrary Loan, and after reading it, I have some comments about the best essays in this book, and will politely skip over the ones that I graciously that I did not, so to speak, enjoy. […]
Abraham Kuyper's Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology: Its Principles is a large book that so-far-as-I-know has not been completely translated into English. Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) is a famous Dutch Calvinist, who was Prime Minster (circa 1901-1905) of the Netherlands and wrote many books. Kuyper's most widely read book translated into English […]