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Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768–1834) was a German Protestant theologian and philosopher that is frequently called the "Father of Liberal Protestantism." Schleiermacher is arguably the most influential theologian after John Calvin and before Karl Barth, and his most influential books are On Religion: Speeches to its Cultural Despisers and his systematic theology, The Christian Faith. […]
Karl Barth's "Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century: It's background and history" is a history book about the liberal protestant theologians from 1700-1900 AD written by an expert of this era including the most influential liberal Protestant theologians of the Enlightenment: Rousseau, Lessing, Kant, Herder, Novalis, Hegel, Schleiermacher, Wegscheider, De […]
Karl Barth called Valentin Ernst Löscher (1673-1749) the "last significant representative of Lutheran orthodoxy" before the church was rampaged by Pietism and the Enlightenment (see Barth's "Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century: Its Background and History" pg. 126, where I found this list.) Indifference to the truth of the Gospel, boasting […]