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Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768–1834) was a German Protestant theologian and philosopher that is frequently called the "Father of Liberal Protestantism." Schleiermacher is arguably the most influential theologian after John Calvin and before Karl Barth, and his most influential books are On Religion: Speeches to its Cultural Despisers and his systematic theology, The Christian Faith. […]
Keith A. Mathison's Given For You: Reclaiming Calvin's Doctrine of the Lord's Supper is a magisterial treatment of John Calvin's doctrine of the Lord's Supper. The main thesis of the book is that the Reformed Tradition has abandoned Calvin's Real Presence view of the Lord's Supper and has over time returned […]
Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758 AD) was the grandson of Solomon Stoddard (1643 - 1729 AD). Stoddard was called the 'congressional pope of New England' and it was he who established the Half-Way Covenant that was accepted everywhere in New England as the standard for Church Membership. Under the Half-Way Covenant, evidence […]
In Melanchthon's Loci, he says that the belief that the Mass benefits others besides the recipient originated in Thomas' Summa, here's the quotation from Loci:  "All Masses are godless, therefore, except those by which consciences are encouraged for the strengthening of faith. A sacrifice is what we offer to God, but we do […]
I'm currently reading an ebook of "Ecclesiastical Writings (WJE Online Vol. 12)." The Jonathan Edward's Center at Yale University has published its entire 73 Volume Works of Jonathan Edwards Series of Edward's works online for free. Most of these volum...