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Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928-2014) argued that there was death before the Fall of humanity described in the Creation Stories (Gen 1-3). Pannenberg's explanation of death in prehuman history enables us to better understand the Doctrine of Creation, and how evolutionary sciences may be interpreted in respect to it, and how to […]
Friedrich Schleiermacher (1768–1834) was a German Protestant theologian and philosopher that is frequently called the "Father of Liberal Protestantism." Schleiermacher is arguably the most influential theologian after John Calvin and before Karl Barth, and his most influential books are On Religion: Speeches to its Cultural Despisers and his systematic theology, The Christian Faith. […]
John Webster has died (May 26, 2016)
According to multiple sources, the great Barthian scholar, John Webster has died. It's a great loss for us all. Webster was the author of Karl Barth (Outstanding Christian Thinkers) and The Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth and many other works. I'm an unashamed Barth fan, but when I heard from […]
"The family in early 1930: Grete Karwehl, Peter Barth, Markus, Charlotte von Kirschbaum, Hans Jakob, Karl Barth, Franziska, Christoph, Matthias, Nelly Barth" (source: Matthias Barth died on Sunday, June 21st, 1941. He fell in a climbing accident at Fründenhorn mountain. Matthias was 20 years old and the fourth child of Karl Barth. Karl Barth preached […]