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Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928-2014) argued that there was death before the Fall of humanity described in the Creation Stories (Gen 1-3). Pannenberg's explanation of death in prehuman history enables us to better understand the Doctrine of Creation, and how evolutionary sciences may be interpreted in respect to it, and how to […]
Bonhoeffer and BioLogos (May 31, 2016)
Read my article on Dietrich Bonhoeffer says Yes to Christianity and Modern Science now!  
The PostBarthian is now featured at BioLogos! Click here to read my current article at BioLogos: Karl Barth says Yes to Creation and Evolution. Don't miss it! And, be sure to read the comments.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Creation and Fall; Temptation: Two Biblical Studies is short and refreshing commentary on Genesis 1-3. Karl Barth's majestic commentary on these same chapters in the Church Dogmatics III/1 was a complete paradigm shift for how I understood the Doctrine of Creation. However, Barth is far too technical for my friends and […]
B.B. Warfield B.B. Warfield is famous for his endorsement of Evolution from within the Reformed Church Tradition, and his ability to distinguish the agnosticism of Charles Darwin from Darwin's work as a Naturalist. All of Warfield's writings on Evolution have been assembled in an extremely helpful book edited by Mark A. Noll […]