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Was the Historical Adam ever immortal? Wolfhart Pannenberg says that if we look closely at the biblical text, then we will discover that the answer is no! Pannenberg believes that the Fall caused a shortening of human life, but this does not mean that humanity was ever immortal before the […]
(This is an expanded edition of an article that was originally published at  Evangelicals today are faced with many hard questions on the doctrine of creation, such as how the biblical creation stories are reconciled with evolutionary science, how to interpret the creation stories in the Bible, and whether there was […]
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I've assembled quotations from three of Karl Barth's books to explain his robust Doctrine of Adam: The Church Dogmatics Vol. IV.1 §60, Christ and Adam: Man and Humanity in Romans 5, and The Epistle to the Romans (Romans II). I've assembled ten statements on Adam to summarized the following quotations from Barth's […]