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The 1957 Harper & Row Publishers english edition of Ludwig Feuerbach's infamous Essence of Christianity contains an all-star cast, including a foreword by H. Richard Niebuhr, a long introduction by Karl Barth, and was translated by George Eliot (a pseudonym for Mary Ann Evans, who also translated D. F. Strauss's similarly […]
Is God's existence only a projection of man's wishes that corresponds to no object in reality? Ludwig Feuerbach thinks so, and it is the basis of his atheism. Feuerbach is famous for his belief that theology is reducible to anthropology, such that man's religious beliefs are projections of his wishes so that man […]
Karl Barth's "Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century: It's background and history" is a history book about the liberal protestant theologians from 1700-1900 AD written by an expert of this era including the most influential liberal Protestant theologians of the Enlightenment: Rousseau, Lessing, Kant, Herder, Novalis, Hegel, Schleiermacher, Wegscheider, De […]