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Is Karl Barth's No! to natural revelation the final word? Is God never revealed through nature? (i.e. natural revelation). May we learn nothing about God from studying nature? (i.e. natural theology). For a time, Karl Barth's Nein! had closed the door to natural theology, while the Nazis were in power, and […]
Review of my article, "Karl Barth's No to Natural Revelation: Secular Parables of the Kingdom" (Subscribe to my youtube channel to see more videos and follow my periscope channel for upcoming live broad casts).
Karl Barth is the most famous (and infamous) opponent of Natural Theology in the world. However, in the final volume of the Church Dogmatics, Barth developed a Natural Theology of his own, that he titled "Secular Parables of the Kingdom" (c.f. CD IV/3.1, §69.2 The Light of Life). Did Barth flip-flop on Natural Revelation in […]
At the end of the Church Dogmatics, Karl Barth took a surprising turn in his affirmation of "secular parables" that made many wonder if Barth had reversed his resounding Nein! to Emil Brunner many years prior. In the Church Dogmatics Vol. IV/3.1, §69.2 "The Light of Life", Barth develops his own […]
Unfinished Barcelona Cathedral (Sagrada) Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics is 8,000 pages and unfinished. Thomas Aquinas' great theological system, The Summa Theologica, is unfinished too. All the medieval summas are unfinished in the same way as the medieval summas are unfinished. The post-magesterial reformers of the 16th and 17th century also produced […]