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Are gender roles a permanent fact of creation? Is there a Natural Theology of Gender? And therefore man has a unique leadership role in the Church? David Congdon, author of The Mission of Demythologizing: Rudolf Bultmann's Dialectical Theology answers a decisive "No" to all these questions. In the following quotation, Congdon reveals the danger […]
I've read over 500 theology books in the last ten years. (Some people read these many books every year!) Of all these books, there are fifteen books that stand apart as guideposts in my journey of exploration in theology. I don't recommend all of these books today, but these books […]
Stanley Grenz Stanley Grenz wrote a book for Evangelicals that defends egalitarianism and that all aspects of church leadership and all Church offices and ordinations should be open to women. Grenz's book "Women in the Church: A Biblical Theology of Women in Ministry" is most helpful for Evangelicals that would normally […]
Jonathan Edwards is deeply loved today and widely admired by Evangelicals, and it may come as a surprise and shock to many, especially his Baptists fans to discover that he affirms Infant Baptism as the true and correct form of Christian Baptism! First, I will share a bit of background […]
(The top ten books that have influenced me the most by reading them in order of most influential to least influential.)1. "Institutes of the Christian Religion" by John Calvin.If you only read one book outside the bible in your entire life, this should...