The Future of Justification (Review)

This month, I read John Piper's recent book, "The Future of Justification: A Response to N. T. Wright". You can download the entire book in PDF format from the Desiring God website for free too!

I used to make fun of people who called John Piper a prophet, but now I keep my mouth shut when people make that suggestion. The most important part of this book is that it quotes at length all the passages from the N.T. Wright corpus that makes your eye brows raise. I recently read N.T. Wright's amazing book titled "The Resurrection of the Son of God" and on almost every page, N.T. Wright writes something amazing, provocative and compelling for the Christian faith but then he writes something that makes your eye brows raise, and you think "did he really just write that?" and I admit, that I tend to forgive the errors that N.T. Wright makes because of the marvelous things that he does write!

Piper is truly marvelous, because he has gathered all those phrases together into one short book. If you were to compile all those "eyebrow raising anecdotes" into one small corpus, you realize that N.T. Wright has some oddities about him that are very troubling! Piper is always amazing, and when you isolate all the nuances of Wright into one book, you reconsider all the grace you've given him. I love Wright's books, because they have been so beneficial to Christian orthodoxy, but they cannot come as a compromise to what we have cherished for so long! I say, bring on the N.T. Wright books, let us learn from them, but bring on the John Piper books that keep us orthodox.

This is not my favorite John Piper book, because "The Pleasures of God" and "Desiring God" are as ground breaking as anything N.T. Wright has ever composed, but "The Future of Justification" is the exact watch dog we need, to keep us from drifting away from orthodoxy.

By: Wyatt Houtz

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