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Jürgen Moltmann's definition of Original Sin Jürgen Moltmann defines Original sin as the hubris and presumption of humanity to be like God, but also humanity's resignation and laziness to not be like God's image on earth. Christian theology has traditionally defined Original Sin as the rebellion of man against God, but […]
In a panel discussion at the LA Theology 2015 conference, Bruce McCormack provides this provocative explanation on how the imago dei has been misused in the history of Christian theology. I've transcribed his response in the video link as follows. Bruce McCormack on the imago dei: "The doctrine of the Image of God has […]
Jurgen Moltmann's "Ethics of Hope" Jürgen Moltmann wrote his recent book, The Ethics of Hope, as a companion to his infamous, Theology of Hope. Karl Barth requested such a book as this in his review of the Theology of Hope in his personal letter reviewing it, where Barth wrote: "your book […]