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Jürgen Moltmann said that the Anabaptists "were the only Reformation movement by faith alone" because "the Anabaptists rejected the foundations of the Christian state religion." Moltmann argues that Constantine had united the Church with the Holy Roman Empire, and salvation was mediated through it. The Anabaptists were the only ones […]
"Jürgen Moltmann is the greatest living theologian in the world." I said it, everyone said it, we said it together at this week's Unfinished Worlds: Jurgen Moltmann at 90 conference hosted by Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Famous Moltmann experts, authors, and bloggers came from around the world to […]
Unfinished Worlds: Jürgen Moltmann at 90 Conference  I will be live tweeting the Unfinished Worlds: Jürgen Moltmann at 90 conference at Emory (Oct 19 & 20, 2016). Follow me @PostBarthian on twitter and use the hashtag #UWJM for conference related tweets. See you soon in Atlanta!