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James H. Cone defines the Gospel of Jesus Christ in terms of liberation theology. According to Cone, the Gospel is not an abstract idea or spiritual truth that applies to all people indiscriminately—both victims and victimizers alike—because God specifically sides with the oppressed, and the Gospel is the liberation of […]
In his Introduction to Christian Theology lectures at Duke in 1968, Jürgen Moltmann keenly observed that the Church's presentation of the Gospel has shifted from proclamation to personal invitation. Moltmann quotes an American Baptist declaration to demonstrate this shift has had the unintended consequence of diminishing the Christian Gospel to an […]
Pharoah's Amry Engulfed by the Red Sea by Frederick Arthur Bridgman (source: wikipedia) Liberation Theology is at the heart of the Gospel, and is the task of setting captives free of bondage. Deliverance from slavery is the constant theme from the beginning of the Bible and throughout Church History until today. […]