Jürgen Moltmann’s 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity (audio)

IMG_0252The @moltmanniac has shared Jurgen Moltmann's 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity from Princeton Theological Seminary's library. These lectures coupled to Moltmann's excellent book The Trinity and the Kingdom. Download and archive these lectures!

From the moltmanniac.com:

Below is a listing of the lectures with links to where the audio can be downloaded in a variety of formats. Please note that this audio is made available as a free resource by the seminary for personal use and is not to be copied or distributed for financial gain.

  1. Biblical Foundation: The Trinitarian History of the Son of God.
  2. The Resurrection and the Future of Christ.
  3. The Revised Concept of Trinity.
  4. The Passion of God.
  5. The Realm of the Triune God: The Divine Monarchy?
  6. The Trinitarian Realm of Freedom.

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