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Jürgen Moltmann (photo from 03.04.2001) Fonte: epd-bild / Gerhard Bäuerle (source: In October 2001, Jürgen Moltmann delivered the Grider-Winget Lecture series at Nazarene Theological Seminary, and these have been digitized and freely provided by the moltmanniac. Lecture 1 (10/8/2001): Part 1, Part 2 Lecture 2 (10/9/2001): Part 1, Part 2 Panel Discussion (10/9/2001): […]
Karl Barth at Princeton, 1962 The audio from Karl Barth's famous 1962 Warfield lectures at Princeton Seminary is freely available from Princeton Seminary's online library. I received these audio lectures from the moltmanniac, and what I received from him, I pass on to you. Not long ago, Princeton Seminary celebrated the […]
The Moltmanniac has shared another set of audio lectures by Jürgen Moltmann that he's received from Princeton Theological Seminary's library: 1976 Lectures on Messianic Life Style, Human Rights, and Liberation.  Jürgen Moltmann's 1976 Lectures on Messianic Life Style, Human Rights, and Liberation (Audio): Messianic Life Style (MP3 Mirror: Part 1, Part 2). The Trinitarian History of […]
The @moltmanniac has shared Jurgen Moltmann's 1979 Warfield Lectures on the Trinity from Princeton Theological Seminary's library. These lectures coupled to Moltmann's excellent book The Trinity and the Kingdom. Download and archive these lectures! From the Below is a listing of the lectures with links to where the audio can be […]