Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics on sale for $75 from Logos

Logos Bible Software is offering Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics for $75. It's a great deal on a complete digital copy of the Church Dogmatics. What I love about this digital edition, is that it is easy to read on your Apple or Android mobile device, and as well as your Mac and PC. The digital edition provides translations of the original Greek and Latin quotations throughout the Church Dogmatics (that are not included in the cheaper hard copies of the Church Dogmatics). Also, it allows you to search through all 6 million words of the Church Dogmatics quickly! So I recommend adding this to your Logos subscription, because this deal is expiring soon. 

Here are a couple screenshots from the mobile app:

Click on the (*) to see the translation of greek and latin sources


CD I/1 in the Logos Mobile App

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